Nature and outdoor activities

The right to roam

Valnesfjord has vast and beautiful outdoor areas. Feel free to roam around, but mind the nature and local community.

In Norway, you can walk nearly anywhere you want. Outdoor recreation has become a major part of national identity, and is established by law. You are free to enjoy the great outdoors and breathe in as much of the fresh air as you want – as long as you pick up your rubbish and show respect for nature.

The few rules and regulations are there to keep the unique right of access enjoyable when many people go to the same places. The main rules are easy: Be considerate and thoughtful. Don't damage nature and other surroundings.

Leave the landscape as you would want to find it. The right to roam, also called the right of access(“allemannsretten”) is a traditional right from ancient times, and from 1957 it has also been part of the Outdoor Recreation Act. It ensures that everybody get to experience nature, even on larger privately owned areas.

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