Our Vision

For en dag eller et liv - For a day or a life time - Biejvev jali viesomom ájgev

We who live here want Valnesfjord to be a community that embraces and is open to all people. A place with room for opportunities, space for big ambitions and ability to make a difference. We talk with, and not about, each other. We have a culture that cheers for, and helps advance, good initiatives and allows for trial and error. Valnesfjord consists of, and attracts, many exciting people with great variety. We want to continue developing a vibrant city centre, housing construction with a focus on unity and inclusion, more jobs and more business.

The village is a fantastic place for random encounters between people. We want to make sure that everyone, young and old, can have meaningful experiences and regular offers. The Community Association will work to ensure that Valnesfjord has the diversity found in large cities, rooms for everyone and a community which the village is known for. Although we are a small community, we have a lot of power; and we're most powerful working together

Lill Anita Karlsen